In every October, the scarecrow contest has been taken place at the terraced paddy field in Inabuchi area. This is the time when Higanbana blooms beautifully. Many people visit this area to see unique scarecrows and Higanbana. The scarecrow is a doll which drives sparrow out of the rice field during harvest season, and it is one of the traditional Japanese custom.

Wall paint(Takamatuzuka Tumulus)
This is a painting called ASUKABIJIN=Asuka beauty(7th century) on the wall of Takamatuzuka tumulus found in 1972. This painting has now trying to been broken up into pieces for it's conservation. You can see the replica of this painting at the Wall Painting Museum next to the tumulus.
Ishibutai Tumulus
This is called Ishibutai (meaning stone stage) tumulus built in the beginning of 7th century. This boulder(2,300 tons) represents the dignity of the Power during that time. This place will be beautifully decorated by cherry blossom in every April and this will bring you back to it's prosperous years.
Kameishi(Turtle Stone)Length:4m, width:2m, Hight:2m. There are several stones in riddles found in Asuka such as the Monkey stone, the Oninosetchin(Ogre's hide from snow), and the Oninomanaita(Ogre's chopping board).
Asuka Temple
This is Asuka Temple, which is the first temple built in 596 right after the introduction of Buddhism in Japan. The japanese oldest Buddha is niched in this building.
Tachibana Temple
Birth place of Mr. Shoutoku Taishi. his
figure(age 35)can be seen in this temple. There is NIMENSEKI(Double Face Stones) which shows the good face and the evil face in the ground of this temple.

Sightseeing in Asuka

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