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How about your life after retirement at the age of 60?
Assuming your life is 80,another 20 years are still remain.How would you manage your life.If it becomes questions?
Children and Grandchildren are all my worth.An annuity and some savings are enough for my remaining life.Such a life may be nice.But I am the man who experianced an age of high economical growth(so called (DANKAINOSEDAI).
I always wish to advance seeking what kind of life is worth living for,
and also to lead a fuller life together with my wife for our remaining period.
Therefore I decided early retirementat the age of 54,and chosen the B&B business instead of the office worker.Let's talk about the life with a various kind of people who has different jobs each other. It's nice,isn't it?

In front of the entrance with my wife Noriko(2nd from right)

On Jan.2004, The Owner early retired after 30 years of service in one of the major electronics company and returned back to his home town, Nara. During this period, he worked overseas (England, Malaysia, Brasil, Spain,and China) for 15 years together with his family.
The new house were completed in Asuka Village, Nara, where B&B opened on 27th of May, 2006. Asuka is a historical and memorial place for all Japanese where emperor of Japan originally started in 7th Century.
His hobbies are GolfiHcp8j, Water Colors Painting and Music, etc.
Favorite music category are Popular/Folk/Jazz. Play Classic Guiter a bit.

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Opened on the 27th of May 2006
B&B Asuka
Mr.Kazunori Kataoka
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